The Uses of Robots in My Home

This is the age of technology, where new developments are coming up all the time. With these new inventions and ideas, man is able to facilitate chores, duties and activities. What used to be thought of as fantasy and science fiction, likened to Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, is now coming into fruition. Robots are no longer a figment of the imagination. Robots of all kinds are used in the workplace, and are now taking over many duties in the home. This article will focus on the uses of robots in my home.

When first thinking about a robot, many people conjure up in their minds the image of a machine that looks like humans. They are called androids. However, the definition of a robot states that it is a machine that can carry out complex functions by means of a computer program. The machine is able to perform these functions automatically. This puts a new spin on the idea of a robot that does not necessarily resemble a human figure. Here are some robots that are used in the home already.

The Roomba is an iRobot that is used to vacuum rooms automatically. The robot sizes up the room and proceeds to clean it in a set pattern. Newer models can be programmed to do this task at certain times. The Looj is an iRobot that does one of those jobs anyone hates to do, cleaning gutters. The robot is controlled by remote. Robomow is a robot designed to mow the lawn. The device works by batteries, instead of gas.

There is one robot called Agent 007. No, it is not a secret agent, but it is used to scare off intruders by shouting “Police, freeze!” It also has a security camera installed in it. There is a robot called Dressman that irons clothes. It uses hot air to complete the process. One robot that cat lovers will enjoy is called The Litter Robot. This robot automatically cleans the kitty litter, separating the clumps and disposing of them. None of these robots have human features, but they all perform tasks that humans don’t mind giving up. Be on the lookout for more improvements for these home-designed automatic machines.